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FREE Rowing technique tips 

The rowing challenge of the year!  

Hong Kong Rowing - Michael's School Days  

BRace - How to prevent injury on the Ergo  


Rowing Injury Feedback


Enhance your stroke with our real-time video feedback (pictured)  


Do you want to:
1.  Increase your length?
2.  Increase your power?
3.  Prevent Injuries?





We can show you how to do all of this with immediate results! 

Our exclusive methods for enhancing rowing biomechanics and muscle activation can be learned by anyone, from novice to Olympic level rowers.

Thousands of rowers and coaches have been amazed at the immediate and long term improvements in length, power, ergo times, boat speed and preventing injury that our techniques can make.

Our rowing enhancement experiences are developed by Michael Ridgway, double gold medalist in the University of Queensland's 1st VIII at the 1992 & 1993 national university championships.  Michael has combined his many years of rowing and spinal specialising experience to create the ultimate results for rowers. 


You can also learn the rowing biomechanics material that Michael developed and lectures on the sports masters’ physiotherapy course at the University of Queensland.




How do you know when it's Good Training Pain or when it's Injury Pain that needs expert attention?

Click Here for a flowchart to help you with this dilemma


Rower Clinics:

  1. Teach you to gain optimal range and muscle control for immediate improvement in times* and minimise injury risk
  2. Measure your effectiveness of rowing-specific muscle activation
  3. Measure your rowing-specific joint and muscle ranges and rank you compared to your ideal

As taught to Australian Representative Rowers - Only $72 per rower [in groups of four - 1 hour]

Performed at your time and location convenience - a) At the sheds, b) In the gym or c) At our clinic.

*Immediate improvement in times can be demonstrated after ~3 practice sessions (2000 repetitions)

You'll be amazed at the results!

The Bonus: Coaches, Parents, Coxes participate and learn for no extra charge.


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                                  and pain prevention...

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