Welcome to your Cycling Enhancement Experience!

Our real-time video feedback
for cycling biomechanics
set-up (photo coming soon)

Do you want to:
Increase your cycling efficiency?
Increase your speed and power? 
Maximise your potential to prevent Injuries?

We can show you how to do all of this with immediate gains!
Our exclusive methods for enhancing cycling biomechanics and muscle activation can be learned by anyone from novice to international-level cyclists.

Hundreds of cyclists and coaches have been amazed at the immediate and long term improvements in efficiency, speed and preventing injury that our techniques can make.

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What is a cycle workshop?

Performing well in sport relies on excellent biomechanical technique. Conveniently, this economical movement of the body not only improves performance but also prevents injury. Baroona Physiotherapy offers hour-long workshops to help sportspeople get the most out of their bodies.

In a cycle workshop you get:

1. Musculoskeletal Screenings
The first phase of the workshop consists of screening tests for flexibility, strength and control that are specifically important to cycling. You can see where you fit on the scale of great to not-so-great, and we'll also show you stretches/exercises to improve these areas. dsc00311_1_.jpg

2. Biomechanical Technique
The rest of the workshop involves the physiotherapist taking participants through a technical evaluation of cycling. They will implement simple changes to techniques which ensure correct use of the strongest muscles available for the job! This improves efficiency and - ultimately - your performance in your sport. Your coach is encouraged to attend your workshop with you - so these technique changes can be followed-up during training.

If you want to make dramatic immediate gains to your cycling then book in today.


Enhancing the quality of your life!


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